Today the Decentribe team is announcing that development on Decentribe-related products and services will be placed on a long-term hold.

The primary reason for the development hold is the current state of the Ethereum blockchain and the lack of viable layer 2 technologies that will support the dapps we were…

A vote to determine the future of the Decentribe project is underway. Voting will close on November 26, 2020.

Since late 2019, the Decentribe team has pursued a vision focused on developing a range of decentralized price prediction Dapps. So far the team has:

  • Released an in-depth white paper providing an overview of Decentribe’s vision and short- and long-term objectives
  • Spent time and financial resources developing the concept, initial…

Crypto Challenge is a DeFi game where players can make bets on short-term crypto price predictions in “races”; TRIBE token holders can now earn rewards from Dapp volume; Plinc partnership launched

We are pleased to announce the following important milestones for the Decentribe project:

  • Introduction of Crypto Challenge and Crypto…

Our crypto price prediction game is currently being tested on mainnet. Here is how to join in.

Crypto Challenge: Race Dashboard

Over the last few months Team Decentribe has been hard at work bringing Crypto Challenge, our unique crypto price prediction dapp to mainnet.

Crypto price prediction is currently seeing a resurgence in DeFi…

We hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult time.

Last month we ran a survey asking the community about whether we should postpone our planned Genesis Sale until June 2020.

About 47 percent of the community voted to postpone the sale.

As a result, we will be launching the…

First, we hope you and your family are safe during this difficult period.

The Decentribe team is located in a number of the world’s COVID-19 hotspots, and like you, are dealing with quarantine and economic uncertainty due to the virus.

Despite this, the team remains active and is working on…

CoinEmpire NFTs will be available for sale during this fundraising event. Our minimum fundraising target is 150 ETH.

We are pleased to announce that the CoinEmpire Genesis Sale will launch in April 2020.

We have developed a graphic with basic information about the Genesis Sale. …

The Latest Edition of the Decentribe Newsletter

The latest edition of our email newsletter provides some important updates about:

  • HORSE → TRIBE Token Swap, Which Ends on March 10, 2020
  • The Decentribe Community’s Exponential Growth
  • Our Upcoming Discord Invite Contest: Grand Prize Winner Will Receive a Very Rare Axie
  • Details About the CoinEmpire Genesis Sale: Chest Contents and Prices Published

Read the newsletter by clicking here.

This is the 2nd installment in a series about the CoinEmpire game setting and NFTs.

CoinEmpire is an upcoming Dapp where players will be able to buy, trade, improve and earn from virtual real estate. …

Promo: Grab your chance to get a limited edition CoinEmpire-themed Tides of Magic Card

Tides of Magic is a new Ethereum trading card game that’s been gaining well-deserved traction and attention over the last few months.

Tides of Magic provides great strategic gameplay and interesting lore. Also, the Tides of…

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