A vote to determine the future of the Decentribe project is underway. Voting will close on November 26, 2020.

Since late 2019, the Decentribe team has pursued a vision focused on developing a range of decentralized price prediction Dapps. So far the team has:

  • Released an in-depth white paper providing an overview of Decentribe’s vision and short- and long-term objectives
  • Spent time and financial resources developing the concept, initial…
The Latest Edition of the Decentribe Newsletter

The latest edition of our email newsletter provides some important updates about:

  • HORSE → TRIBE Token Swap, Which Ends on March 10, 2020
  • The Decentribe Community’s Exponential Growth
  • Our Upcoming Discord Invite Contest: Grand Prize Winner Will Receive a Very Rare Axie
  • Details About the CoinEmpire Genesis Sale: Chest Contents and Prices Published

Read the newsletter by clicking here.

Decentribe Team

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